We are Billion.

We are a creative design studio that believes that products and services are like living eco-systems - comprising of many components whether it be brand purpose, marketing, data, content, digital interface or customer experience. Each of these components has a relationship with each other and therefore we believe that only a 'holistic' approach can delivery the brand experience that people want and expect in 2018.


We believe in building
‘Living Brands’

Conventional industry wisdom dictates that specialist skill sets are necessary to build a strong brand; ad agencies for advertising, design companies for a logo, social media agencies for your social and an app studio to make you digital. But why? We provide our clients with a multidisciplinary full service approach - in simple, we are able to shape what you stand for, create how you communicate it and determine what your customer interaction feels like.


Practice Makes Perfect!

We work with some of the worlds most innovative and loved brands, often helping them rewrite the rules for how we live and how companies engage with people.